on Wound Care: Pressing into the Hurt that Heals // Michele Heitzmann

Charlotte is a local from downtown Tacoma, but originally from the Californian Mojave desert. Charlotte enjoys the spectrum of life whether it's glamming it up with friends for a cocktail hour, developing her artistic talents as a photographer, to running around the PNW outdoors for a hike or dunning on a dirt bike -- she is always down for a good adventure! Her career at World Vision as a digital marketing manager has lent to her thirst for travel as she spent some time in Uganda last year helping children in need. If her humanitarian activities weren't loving enough, her motherhood to two rescued miniature Persian cats (Thelma and Louise) will simply melt your heart.

Owning your pain. That is not. Easy.

I love hearing from women of faith like Michele Heitzmann who have gone through physical and emotional pain, and have found Jesus on the other side; just waiting for his sons and daughters to look up and realize that our healing is found in Him.

But what does it take to get to that healing place?

What pain am I pushing down that needs to be realized?

And when can I finally look up and see the “light”!?

Pandemic. Protests. Broken heart. You name it, I’m right there with you, going through it: thanks 2020. In any given moment there are about 37 thoughts under any of the above category swirling through my mind. And those are just the most recent pain points I can recognize. What’s really the most difficult part of this year, for me, has been that everything we’re going through now triggers deep-rooted wounds that haven’t been dealt with from the past, even as far back as childhood. The silver lining is that we all have the time right now to do the work. And I think Michele gives us a perfect jumping off point to start that healing work: acceptance that sometimes, like Thomas we have to see/touch and acknowledge wounds to believe that they even exist. If we press into Christ’s wounds, that’s where we will find His ultimate love.

But HOW!? Sometimes I pray and pray and never find answers, but as soon as I turn on the radio, Jesus sings truth into me through a 90’s throwback. And we dance - and there’s truly healing in that silly process. I believe that if you raise your pain up to Him, he will find a way to speak into you through your unique love language. Be open, be vulnerable-cry, journal, PRAY and lift your deep rooted baggage up to our Lord because He will unpack it in ways you never thought possible!